Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgements
2. Introduction
3. Author’s Note Number One
Author’s Note Number Two
4. How to use this book
5. Children and their perceptions
      5.1. David – the first meeting
      5.2. Growing up is hard
      5.3. David observes and tests
      5.4. Colorful world
      5.5. David is confused
      5.6. The significance of initial impressions
      5.7. David’s initial attempts
      5.8. Thinking and acting from two different perspectives
      5.9. David’s conclusions
      5.10. The connection energy-world – physical-world reality
      5.11. David changes his opinion
      5.12. Dealing with the connection energy-world – physical-world reality
      5.13. David’s parents enter his world
      5.14. The energetic world view for those on the side of the physical-body world
      5.15. Messages from the world of the energy body
      5.16. How do we help the children?
6. The dual world
7. The visual representation of the energy world
      7.1. The description of pictures
      7.2. Exercise caution while doing energy healing work
      7.3. How others see the energy body
      7.4. How I perceive the energy body
8. Healthy and sick energy bodies
      8.1. Organs
      8.2. Musculature
      8.3. Circulation and tendons
      8.4. Skin
      8.5. Blood vessels, supply and excretory systems, skeleton
      8.6. Nerves and heart
      8.7. Body temperature
      8.8. Brain
      8.9. A short stop along the way
      8.10. Ideal condition versus sick appearance
                8.10.1. Total view of a person
                8.10.2. Defects in the energy-body organism
       Operative errors
      8.11. The sense organs of the energy body
                8.11.1. Seeing
                8.11.2. Hearing
                8.11.3. Smelling
                8.11.4. Tasting
                8.11.5. Feeling
9. Perception
      9.1. Networked perceptions
      9.2. Revealing figures of speech
10. Ethics
      10.1. Insight and perspectives from an energy-body point of view
                10.1.1 What tests and hygiene have to do with tolerance
      10.2. Problems with tests
      10.3. The importance of hygiene
      10.4. Inner order
      10.5. Cleanliness within a partnership
                10.5.1. What you can do as a physical body
                10.5.2. What you can do as an energy body
      10.6. The path to autonomy
                10.6.1. Bridgeheads – the strange species in the zoo
                10.6.2. Bridgeheads – the makers
                10.6.3. Getting to the first heart piece
      10.7. Transition as a transformation and a chance for healing
      10.8. The path along the border and to the center
                10.8.1. The I as the center
                10.8.2. The second heart piece
11. Bridging the worlds
      11.1. Death and the energy body
      11.2. Escape to the other world
      11.3. Return to earth
12. How to live with both bodies in everyday life
      12.1. Problems for patients and practitioners
      12.2. Unintended errors
      12.3. Incorrect diagnoses
      12.4. Missing the goal
      12.5. What to do?
      12.6. Consequences for our health
                12.6.1. The energy-body’s point of view
                12.6.2. From the energy-body’s point of view to the medical point of view
                12.6.3. The medical point of view – short and to the point
                12.6.4. The medical point of view – long and detailed
                    The neuro-anatomical point of view
                    The neuro-physiological point of view
13. Final comments
14. FAQ – Frequently asked questions
15. How to train your perception
      15.1. Seeing
      15.2. Hearing
      15.3. Smelling
      15.4. Tasting
      15.5. Feeling
      15.6. Figures of Speech
16. Practical exercises
      16.1. For Stabilization
      16.2. For Cleansing
17. Support for practitioners
      17.1. Anamnesis sheet and questionnaire for practical work with clients
      17.2. Ideas and suggestions
18. ®-Technique
19. References

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