Table of Contents

"...... that I am one and double."
The Energy Body
Perception of the Energy Body
      The Ability to See
      The Ability to Smell
      The Ability to Taste
      The Ability to Hear
      The Ability to Feel
The Anatomy of the Energy Body
      Chakras, Acupuncture Points, Nadis
      Axes of Stabilization, Transmission Pathways
Waking Up for Your Partner - The Phenomenon of Kundalini
The First Date
      List of Questions
Protecting the Energy Body
      What Do You Know About Energy?
The Partnership Between the Physical Body and the Energy Body
      Interaction between the Energy Body and the Physical Body
      Interplay between the Energy Body and the Physical Body
      The Golden Mean
Common Future
Practical Exercises
      For Stabilization
      Cleansing Exercise
Practical Work
      Extent and Importance of Assistance in the Field of the Energy Body
      A Different Way of Looking at So-called Difficult Clients
Comments and Experience in Regard to the -Technique
Presentation of -Technique

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