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  Christine Schenk  

Christine H. Schenk, the founder of Energy-Body Medicine®, is a leading expert for changing states of perception and the nature of the Energy Body® with 40 years of experience in research and practice. She has specialized in supporting survivors of traumatic experiences with esoteric groups and sects and assisting persons in the psychological and social work fields relating to problems of “burn-out”. She has long advocated the need for ethics and job safety in energy-healing professions and consumer protection. She has initiated such talks through her pioneering work and offers counseling in all matters related to Energetic Job Safety.

As the founder of Energetic Job Safety based on the ®-Technique (Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System), her concept of being a physical body and an Energy Body® as the core of sharpening one's own consciousness for energy matters puts her on the cutting edge of those in "traditional" energy healing disciplines who are beginning to establish standards for these practices of the future.

Christine Schenk works in Germany and established The Christine Schenk Counseling Center for Energetic Job Safety in Hamburg. She has taught in Europe, in the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Her extensive international experiences have earned her a reputation as a specialist in Energy-Body® issues.

She is author of the books "Handbook of Energetic Job Safety", "The Marriage between Physical Body and Energy Body - A Guide for a Better Understanding","Me and Myself - Healing the Marriage between Energy Body and Physical Body" and other four books published in German language.

  Elke Baumann  

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in a clinical setting since 1985 and in own practice since 1990. Trainings in Gestalt and behavioural therapy, hypno therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, family therapy and energetic psychology. Supervisor and course instructor.

  Ortrud Borchardt  

Teacher and teacher trainer at the Johannes-Brahms-School Pinneberg since 1991, Administration at the Institute for Quality Development (IQSH) since 1997 for school subject music for all schools in Schleswig-Holstein. Training in mediation.

  Margarete Küttner  

Naturopath in own practice since 1987. Prior she worked as physical education teacher and gym teacher in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation clinics. Mrs. Küttner has almost 30 years of working experience with homeopathy.

  About the School  

The Christine Schenk School for applied Energy-Body Medicine® is a NCCAOM Professional Development Activities Provider (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). The School focuses on the publication and dissemination of information concerning interactions between physical body and Energy Body®. It offers the following activities:


through  lectures, courses und trainings.


For participants and graduates in the ®-Technique training the school offers supervisory support. It enables individuals in health care, psychosocial and counseling professions to blend their daily tasks with the acquired knowledge of the ®-Technique training program.

  Supervisory Support and Assistance  

The School offers supervisory support and assistance to graduates of the ®-Technique training program working as practitioners.

  Studies and Research Work  

The School engages in studies and research work. Valuable contributions are made to investigate the synergy effects to scientific disciplines.

  Upon prior Arrangement  

Individual sessions and courses for closed parties are offered. Please contact our office for further information:

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