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Christine Schenk has written a fascinating book. It is her second and highly interesting. In this volume she details her own observations about the relationship between the physical body and the energy body of human beings. She was born as “see-er”. Every child, she states, has this capacity from the very beginning. Our current materialistic, technical, “scientific” era continually denies the validity of such powers of observation. Only what is provable, testable, measurable, repeatable and statistically demonstrable is generally acknowledged by our society, while religious denominations and faiths battle over the approved dogma, the cause of many conflicts. I believe that the powers of personal subjective observation of the energy-body phenomena will be retained and developed by all human beings. We humans will develop methods to verify the subjective impressions about the relationship of the energy and physical bodies through new technologies.

Several examples of such proof come to mind among the works of the group in the field of “Borderline of Sciences”. Dr. Thelma Moss obtained Kirlian Photographs that clearly showed that a flame like anatomical light pattern preceded the actual physical material appearance of shoot and root in germinating corn kernels (around l975, at the UCLA Psychology Department sponsored laboratory). Even earlier, in the l940s Ruth Drown, who originated radio-vision photography, photographed anatomic structures such as a blocked artery by focusing on a crystallized blot blood specimen using a radionic device with no outside source of light. Similarly, Christine Schenk provides beautiful illustrations about the anatomy of the energy body, which is superimposed on the physical body during its life.

She pleads for the rights of children to retain, throughout life, their vision of the energy fields they see at first clearly. She pleads for a change in the attitude of parents and other grownups in order to allow children to continue undisturbed in their ability to see energy fields, streamings and atmospheric vibrations. We need awareness in order for grownups to protect and cherish this capacity for the unification of the physical and energy body in every new generation, instead of hindering and interfering with this natural gift. We need to respect what the child brings into the world. This seeing includes the visual capacity to see the particles of light, which dance their speedy helical paths, as well as the bluish fog like clouds of illuminating orgone energy, and even lightning like flashes within the atmosphere. I had discussions at age seven with other schoolchildren, wondering what these atmospheric happenings were.

The fact that the energy body can separate from the physical body had really startled me as an adolescent when in a dentist's chair, while under excessive nitrous oxide anesthesia, I suddenly saw, through a fog like funnel, a white clad person bending over someone stretched out in the chair, both visible as very small figures with the urgent thought “that is me down there, I must get back immediately” waking up panting and gasping for air, I was so frightened, I never returned for further treatments and never told anyone of my shock at being displaced out of my own body. My upbringing had not prepared me for the phenomenon of the separation of energy body from physical body. As medical doctor I have been able to observe the separation of the energy body from the physical body. It seems that the consciousness and a part of the energy body leave the physical body during operations, accidents, fainting spells or anaesthesia.

We are eagerly awaiting the birth of new technical means able to show the images emanating from the energy body, in sickness and health to future generations.

Of special interest to me was the case history describing the therapeutic process and subsequent healing of the nine-year-old David, who refused to speak and kept a stubborn silence towards his parents, school, therapists and the world. He was resistant to therapy. Christine Schenk observed how intensely animated the energetic connection between the eyes and the ears of the boy's energy body was “especially active in the centers which gather, process and pass on information to be assimilated”. In children she notes “an already mature energy body in a still developing physical body”. She was able to communicate with David telepathically. The therapy was successful within nine months, although she saw the boy only four times. She communicated the boy’s insights to his parents vocally, acting as a mediator. David's access to the world of energies was adroitly explained to the parents, who themselves had closed and lost this world long ago. She also made the parents material world understandable to their son. “You have to get along in the world of concentrating particles, the material physical world, and keep the information you draw from the air to yourself”. He understood exactly...

She stresses the importance of trusting their perceptions of the two worlds to both children and parents. “Children possess effortless access to the energetic world. The memory of this access should be sustained and harmoniously integrated into everyday life.” That is the basic theme of this book.

Christine Schenk is an advanced being in respect to seeing the energy-phenomena from her own childhood onwards. However, present day society requires the very young in each new generation to create barriers in themselves. Early in life her surroundings tried to suppress her faculties, but she managed to survive with these faculties intact. Many biographies describe similar stories, cases in point being the late founder of the Parapsychology Foundation, Eileen Garrett in her biography “Adventures in the Supranormal” as well as the modern Californian Psychologist Judith Orloff. We need to learn to safeguard such talents, instead of suppressing these innate capacities. In his book “Cosmic Consciousness”, a Canadian psychiatrist, Richard Bucke MD described the struggles of such misunderstood advanced souls during their childhood. He predicted that evolution would create increasing numbers of such individuals in succeeding eras. I hope that in the near future all human beings will have an easier life, able to fulfil all their potential, and realize their capacity to integrate the energy world with the physical world.

This 21st century work of Christine Schenk is an important contribution to help prevent human barricading on our precious planet. I hope it will be widely read and used as a reference around the world. Christine Schenk is a seer, very rational, wise and grounded in reality. We thank you!

Eva Reich MD
Founder of Gentle Bioenergetics
Maine, USA

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