Preface from the view point of medicine

As each age showed characteristics that allowed their peers to believe that the progress of their time had been particularly worthy of note, such opinion arises to our current existence in special measure.

In nearly two centuries, the developments of train, wheel, automobile, airplane, rocketry, and even moon landings and the construction of a space station have been completed.

Presently, we are primarily affected by the cultural circulation of globalization and media development with quick expansion, enclosure, and networking of information technology, along with many other developments. This consideration becomes even more appropriate when one turns to modern medicine. It is revolutionary, what we can do with human genetic material, with our genes. Speaking figuratively, we are on the road to comprehending the smallest components of our existence as human beings. At the same time, we are racing towards our universal concerns, because a so-called medical discipline of energy and information is being established as the opposite pole of this attraction.

The fact that one can work therapeutically with energetic methods is really nothing new. Our ancestors have long known that working energetically could be used for therapeutic purposes. Priests, therapists, and teachers were often united in one and the same person. The knowledge of shamans or African witchdoctors and their appeals to invisible powers, as well as the activities of spiritual healers, faith healers, and mediums have been transferred from one generation to the next in many cultures and have become a fixed component of such societies.

Therapeutic knowledge and treatment was linked with personal maturation as well as belief in God or ethically responsible conduct. It was kept strictly secret, because this knowledge and work approach enabled access to the mechanisms of power and threatened to release the dangers associated with them, when applied improperly. The aspirants of energy healing methods had to prove themselves over a long period of time, before their mastery was acknowledged through initiation rituals. Largely, this attitude has continued in these societies into the modern era.

In our present age and latitude, the esoteric movement has achieved a powerful circumference. At weekend seminars and workshops, each person can become a so-called therapist through education and start working, because this title is not protected, at least not here in Germany. Energetic treatment seems to be a relatively elegant opportunity, because it is overall effective, relatively simple to do, and without danger by and large, while appearing to remain truly invisible and relatively unnoticed.

On the other hand, the highest measure of safety provisions and seamless monitoring systems exist around the world for a form of energy which cannot be perceived through human sensory organs although it is highly effective and dangerous, namely atomic energy.

Energetic disorders have not yet been defined in the classic medical sense, however in my view, there are an increasing number of rather diffused indications of symptoms and undifferentiated complaint indicators that go far beyond the so-called psychosomatic occurrences that have been the popular diagnosis until now, yet cannot be sufficiently diagnosed. Chronic fatigue syndrome seems to me to predominate the scene. Increasingly, I have the impression that common therapeutic procedures do not allow themselves to be properly arranged and enduring side effects remain partially with the patients from the courses of the disorders that they were suffering from previously.

The required evidence continues to be missing with regard to the complex interrelationships between the physically perceived medical conditions and the energetic effects that may have caused them. Without a doubt, we must cope for the first time in our era with a number of organically possibly unhealthy and artificially created qualities of energy waves and progress most likely means further proliferation.

Where energetic treatment is concerned, we probably now have only the vaguest notion of their durability, strength, or of the scope of the energetic forces as well as the possibilities for their evolution and influence that have remained insufficiently acknowledged or even completely undeveloped. We are simply not aware of either the internal power or the danger, nor do we have the ability to somehow master them sufficiently, which has become truly necessary.

In this, I can only agree with something that the father of one of my patients said. She has been professionally active as a therapist for many years and has performed skillfully. As an adolescent child, she once said, "Father, I have done what I was able," and he responded, "Anyone can do that. You must be able to know what you are doing."

In this sense, this book appearing when it is needed achieves its high purpose of a competent, humane, and responsible presentation of the entirely valuable material involved in the abilities surrounding energetic functions and feelings.

Dr. Hans Nowotny MD, Doctor of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Psychotherapy
Bad Aibling, Germany

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